I Wouldn’t Watch That: Episode 1
I Wouldn’t Watch That: Episode 1

Frank Lecrone, CEO of AquaPhoenix

Hosted by Darren LaSorte, “I Wouldn’t Watch That” is a new podcast about shows that don’t exist, for people we might not understand—at least for the moment.

In the premiere episode, Darren sits down with longtime friend and founder and CEO of AquaPhoenix Scientific, Frank Lecrone, to discuss how he built his company. AquaPhoenix manufactures and distributes industrial water quality testing kits from the ground up, and the company's strong brand and media strategy sets it above the competition.

06:23 – Discretionary products versus necessary products.

10:26 – What do you do to convince the consumer to use your products versus the other manufacturers’?

16:45 – “Our test kits are sexy.”

18:15 – The challenge is making a video about water testing interesting to watch.

21:23 – “We weren’t selling iPhones, we didn’t have intellectual property… It was more, why would you want to buy ours.”

21:54 – How do you convey your superior customer service?

24:29 – “We believe in the power of storytelling through video in today’s world.”

29:59 – “Good news doesn’t travel as quickly as bad news or lackluster performance.”

32:41 –You can’t do everything for everybody.”

33:00 – Targeting the right person with purchasing power.

36:18 – Is anybody telling interesting stories in the water treatment industry?

38:12 – “Every audience has its demands, has its desires, needs. And it seems like this is such an interesting sector because it doesn’t seem like it’s being served as well as it could in those interesting stories.”

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