Dean Wilhite, Senior Art Director for Ackerman McQueen

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In this series premiere of the AM Insights Podcast, host Alexandra Bohannon talks to Dean Wilhite to discuss one of his lifelong passions: the Classic Mini. Wilhite’s 21 years at AM uniquely position him as an artist and as an influential member of the Classic Mini community. From Dean’s second car he had as a teenager – a 1957 Chevy – to his two vintage Minis, his zeal for these classic automobiles bled into his design career.

Learn how a passion for this unique car turned Dean from just another fan into a household name for Classic Mini owners. Don’t forget check out Dean’s Classic Mini brand, Dooderwear, and to follow the show on Soundcloud.



00:45 – First time seeing a Classic Mini.

2:50 – Everybody has driven a “regular car.” A Mini is not one of them.

6:09 – “When you buy a Mini, you’re buying the responsibility.”

7:27 – Origin story of Dooderwear.

9:40 – You need other Mini Owners.

10:26 – Coming full circle.


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