Bill Winkler, Chief Financial Officer

Tyler Petersen, VP Director of Episodic Programming

Peter J. Wolfgang, Senior VP of Strategy

In the third episode of the AM Insights podcast, we’re joined by three knowledgeable guests who are obsessed (in different ways) with the magical bean we know as coffee. Our discussion with Bill Winkler, Peter J. Wolfgang and Tyler Petersen is an expansion on the AM Insights newsletter discussion article “What’s in YOUR Cup" written by Tim Herr.

With three different perspectives on coffee, we talk not just the nuts and bolts about brewing, roasting and kegging, but also about what audiences obsessed with coffee need to hear from brands (big and small alike) to capture their interest and product loyalty.

0:54 – How did our guests develop a passion for coffee?

2:55 – Drum roasting coffee.

5:11 – From kegging beer to cold brewing.

8:07 – Tyler demonstrates the power of cold brewing.

12:45 – Coffee blends.

14:40 – Coffee consumer audience analysis.

18:47 – Why words (especially ones like “Peaberry”) matter.

20:00 – Coffee is similar to beer, wine and cigars. Here’s how.

26:25 – Language as a signifier of “good” coffee.

28:52 – Coffee resources and the brands doing it right.

30:32 – The best undiscovered coffee.


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